Friday Noon Routine


Most Friday noon, I travel to my university for my masters class by public transport. Lrt and bus, specifically. Short journey but the heat always drains my energy. Most of the time I reach my uni soaking wet from my sweat. Anyway today’s outfit; long dotted dress with a red pair of shoes. My feet hurt today, perhaps because I was walking rather fast to get to the lrt station. Here’s an aerial view of the station from my apartment’s balcony. Perhaps you could roughly guess the distance. Short but not a path I would like to travel on a hot sunny noon.


Here’s my red kicks. Love it. Though I was quite upset that my feet hurts from using it today.

IMG_20150320_143316Can’t wait for the time when I could finally say “I’ve completed my masters degree”. Should probably get started with writing my research draft. Whine no more. Stop procrastinating San. I decided to start with my writing tomorrow since I roughly got my draft of research problem laid out. Fingers crossed!



Swimming is my new favourite workout activity. Hopefully it does serve its purpose. I usually wait for Daya (my boyfriend) to come back from work so we could go swimming together. Here’s him making funny pose. Groovy he said. Yup, expect more crazy poses from him. He’s just super fun to be with. Never a dull day with him around.


Honestly, I’m just scared of going alone to the pool. Oh, did I mention that I’m not a good swimmer? Is diving for a few seconds considered as swimming? Well, guess not. Right?

I started from scratch. He taught me how to swim. Started off with floating, then swimming(floating and paddling around) while facing the skies. I was quite proud of my achievement, I could make a few lapses across the pool with that “swimming style”. Then I figured it’s time to move on. I finally managed to learn the trick to breath in and out of the water from him. Currently I am able to swim across half of the pool without getting drowned. Nothing much but it’s an achievement nevertheless. Here’s me in my staple swimming attire. Love it when the pool is empty. Nobody to see my funny swimming movements.


Please, fat is a taboo. Well, not really. I don’t mind much. And ignore the awkward pose.

Moving on, I need a new pair of goggles. Water is starting to get in my current pair. He said he will get me a new one. Hooray!